Incline Village Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau is now Travel North Tahoe Nevada

New name, vision and mission reflect the prioritization of community, local businesses and sustainable tourism initiatives


Incline Village, Nev. (July 18, 2022) — Travel North Tahoe Nevada, formally Incline Village Crystal Bay Visitors Bureau, has rebranded to reflect an enhanced commitment to responsible travel and sustainable tourism initiatives. As the public organization responsible for visitor services and destination marketing + management for the North Shore, Nevada side of Lake Tahoe, the staff and board of directors began focusing on foundational changes last fall. At the forefront is a promise to the local community to encourage destination experiences that support a thriving economy and to foster a continued legacy of sustainability and stewardship and to encourage exceptional destination experiences in North Lake Tahoe, along with a commitment of funds – 10 percent from their annual budget – devoted solely to sustainability programs.

“As tourism continues to evolve in the Tahoe region, our organizational goals and metrics of success have shifted,” said Andy Chapman, President and CEO of Travel North Tahoe Nevada (TNTNV). “For years we have worked to promote mid-week and shoulder-season travel, knowing those time frames are critical to the vitality and viability of our local businesses. While that is still important and considered, we are also hyper-focused on influencing positive travel behaviors and equity-driven trip ideas. We are setting a clear expectation that if you plan on visiting Lake Tahoe, we ask you to do so responsibly and respectfully. And we’re backing that up with tangible programs to affect the change we’re seeking. Our branding needed to be updated to reflect those values.”

TNTNV will continue to lead the region in tourism sustainability by prioritizing and investing in events and services that lead to more sustainable practices for visitors and residents alike. From regional initiatives like TART Connect, to highlighting events that educate guests about the health of Lake Tahoe through the Tahoe Environmental Research Center and the recent drone SkyShow that took place on the Fourth of July in Incline Village, TNTNV has already begun implementing these types of programs.

TART Connect offers a free and easy way to ride public transportation around Tahoe-Truckee. The app-based shuttle offers curb-to-curb service and connection to TART’s bus service. Initiated in the summer of 2021 by Travel North Tahoe Nevada and Placer County, the program has helped deliver over 245,000 rides since the start with over 99,000 of those in Incline Village Crystal Bay Zone, reducing traffic and car emissions across the region.

More recently, over 5,000 spectators enjoyed Lake Tahoe’s inaugural SkyShow on Independence Day as 200 drones illuminated the night sky with picturesque scenes from the Sierra and patriotic lightscapes in red, white and blue. This new and innovative approach to Fourth of July festivities replaced traditional pyrotechnic fireworks displays and prioritized community safety, inclusivity, and the reduction of environmental risks posed by drought and warm temperatures.

Tourism is a critical economic driver for North Lake Tahoe communities. According to a recently released economic impact of tourism report prepared by Dean Runyan Associates, in 2021 North Lake Tahoe (Nevada and California) saw $1.1 billion in travel spending, a 29.4% increase of travel spending from 2020. Visitor spending in the destination supported 7,600 jobs and generated $70 million in state and local tax revenue that supports infrastructure improvements, transportation services, and other programs and projects that benefit residents of the community.

“As a community, we must start reconciling and re-evaluating the role tourism plays in the health and prosperity of our future,” said TNTNV Board Member and Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation CEO Claudia Andersen. “The TNTNV staff led a thoughtful, strategic rebranding effort to ensure voices of the community were heard and we discussed at length why and how the organization should evolve, emphasizing the need for destination management and amplified sustainability programs. I’m thrilled at the outcome we came to collectively.”
A key component of the Travel North Tahoe Nevada (TNTNV) rebrand was developing a set of values to anchor all aspects of the organization. From setting goals to measuring success, and budget allocations to program investments, the staff and board will form decisions around the following values:

LEAD: We lead innovative and sustainable tourism practices in Lake Tahoe.
PROMOTE: We promote responsible visitation that enhances community character and powers a vibrant economy.
SUPPORT: We advocate and support solutions for workforce development and retention, as well as housing solutions that benefit our residents, businesses and community.
PRESERVE: We model destination stewardship, preserving our community for generations to come.
ADAPT: Our tourism expertise spans decades. We have demonstrated the ability to pivot, respond to crises and be nimble.
CREATE: We create the best possible visitor experience with the least impact.

Alongside TNTNV’s efforts to foster a sustainable and intentional experience in North Tahoe Nevada, they will continue to operate the welcome center in Incline Village. The team of experienced and long-time locals help guide guests throughout the region and offer local creations, informational takeaways, and souvenirs.
“Blending management and marketing objectives for North Lake Tahoe Nevada will always be a complex priority matrix,” continued Chapman. “At our core, we are committed to the long-term health of our community, the stability of our businesses and workforce, and promoting destination experiences that enhance the character Lake Tahoe is known for. I’m excited for this new chapter in tourism.”

As destination experts, TNTNV will continue to promote the limitless recreation opportunities of North Lake Tahoe and drive responsible tourism. For more information about Travel North Tahoe Nevada, click here.


Travel North Tahoe Nevada Travel North Tahoe Nevada (TNTN) is the public organization responsible for destination management for the North Shore, Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. Its mission is to encourage destination experiences that support a vibrant economy, enhance community character, and foster environmental stewardship. For more information, click here.
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